For Authors:

  • Payment is made through Paypal once services are booked
  • Materials for tours/beta reading will be provided to BookBuddyAuthorServices@gmail.com in a timely manner
  • Book Buddy Author Services is not responsible if a blogger/reviewer does not post on scheduled day
  • Honest reviews are requested of bloggers/reviewers. Positive reviews are not guaranteed.
  • Authors are responsible for shipping giveaway items to winners
  • Authors will specify if giveaways are eligible for international entries

Please see our FAQ Page for more information.

For Bloggers/Reviewers:

  • Bloggers/reviewers agree to post on specified day.
  • ARCs will not be copied, shared, or otherwise distributed in any way.
  • All participating bloggers/reviewers are encouraged to cross-post promos and reviews on their blog, Facebook, Goodreads, Amazon, and Twitter accounts, as applicable.