Frequently Asked Questions

How many blogs should I expect to participate in a one- or two-week tour?
It depends on a number of factors – including how early you book the tour and overall interest for the book. Regardless of when you book, we will widely distribute the sign-up information to ensure wide response and shoot for roughly 50 participating blog/review posts.

What can I expect from a blog tour post?
The post can contain as much as you like – typically the synopsis, buy links, and author info are the starting place. We can also include teasers and excerpts if you like. Other authors have shared book trailers as well. Reviews and giveaways are also optional to include.  Example posts from previous tours can be found here:
Example 1 || Example 2 || Example 3 || Example 4 || Example 5 || Example 6

Do I need to do anything during the tour? 
Not unless you’d like to! 🙂 Liking and commenting on posts is always appreciated, but not necessary.

When and how do you collect payment?
Our first priority is getting all the details worked out for the tour. Once we have the agreed upon dates specified and have received any details about giveaways, review copies, and promotional materials, we will send you an invoice via Paypal.

How can I get in touch with you?
Feel free to send an email to Amy at You can also PM the page on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram if you prefer.