Crosswind – G.L. Ross

Book Buddy Author Services is excited to announce the release tour for Crosswind by G.L. Ross. The book tour lasts from October 10 – 16.


Crosswind is the third book in the Flyboy Trilogy.

Promo materials for the blog tour will include a blog post and corresponding html, and ready-made Facebook post and Tweets.

Review copies and a giveaway are available. As it is book 3 in the series, reviewers will also need to read the first two books (which will be provided).

***There is also a giveaway for participating bloggers and reviewers for a G.L. Ross Coffee Mug & Starbucks $15 Gift Card.***


The exciting conclusion of The Flyboy Trilogy! Lisa’s memory has returned along with her burning desire for wickedly hot Captain Lance Miller. Passion soars when the two unite. Lance is thrilled his goddess finally remembers him, but which Lisa is coming home with him? In some ways he is eager for the return of his original, sweet, loving Lisa, but he also adores his new and improved, sexy, opinionated, wild tiger. They are settling into their smooth sailing, happily reacquainted life when Lance’s flyboys are called to Afghanistan. This disruption is nothing compared to the turbulent arrival of Lance’s insanely hot, long lost half-brother, fighter pilot Derek Fuller. Derek’s arrival may cause Lisa’s path to be completely rerouted.

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