Top 10 Sites to Promote Your Free Kindle Book

If your book is part of the KDP Select program, you might want to take advantage of the Free Book Promotion to allow readers to download your book for free during a window of up to 5 days. This can be a great way to get your name out in front of readers, increase your fanbase (and possibly reviews), or encourage readers to start your series. You might even get a spike in sales after the promotion as well!

Once your book is scheduled to be free for a few days, you definitely want to get the word out to increase visibility. We’ve put together this list of the top 10 places you can promote your free kindle book to increase exposure and maximize the benefits of your Free Book Promotion.

Readers: Be sure to check out these sites for your dose of free books!


  1. One Hundred Free Books
    They’ll review your submission for free. They also offer paid listings as well.
  2. What to Read After 50 Shades of Grey
    Promotions for books that are free or on sale.
  3. New Free Kindle Books
    Required to subscribe to site to list. For $5 your promotion will be posted to the front page.
    Free listings and you can request the posting date. For $10 the book will be featured on the homepage for two days.
  5. Frugal Tips and Freebies
    Submit your free book and it will be promoted on the blog, Facebook page, and Google+, all for free!
    AskDavid will promote your free Kindle books on their page and in their newsletter – whether the book is permanently free or a promotion. As a bonus, they will also give you links to tweet about your sale to their followers at the time of your choosing. They also offer paid book promotion as well.
  7. Kindle Book Promos
    The free option requires 14 days notice. Paid options guarantee posting.
  8. Read
    This site promotes books that are free or permanently $0.99.
  9. Daily Cheap eBooks
    This site does promotions for books that are free or under $1.
  10. Jungle Deals and Steals
    Only offers paid listings.

Each of these sites offers general listings. To access readers specific to your genre, consider setting up a blog tour, which will get your book featured on pages targeting your specific reader base. Added bonus is that many of these bloggers will sign up to review your work as well.

Hope you found these pages useful. Good luck with your free book promotion!


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Sale Blitz!! The Charlie McClung Series

***Kindle Countdown Deal for just $0.99***

KCD - MAE (2).png

The first three books of the Charlie McClung Mysteries are on sale May 27 – 31st as part of a Kindle Countdown Deal. Now is your chance to get in on the mystery and suspense!

Get the books:

Brilliant Disguise | A Good Girl | Criminal Kind


Brilliant Disguise

Detective Charlie McClung no longer finds his job fulfilling and has given up finding that “someone” his granny promised he would find. So he leaves behind the big city and his close-knit family and takes a job in a small town police department in Georgia, resigned to live a quiet life in solitude.

Things change when he meets Marian Selby while investigating the mysterious death of her best friend. But Marian swore never to love again after the death of her husband 11 years ago. What seems to be a suicide turns into a tangled web of deceit, corruption, and complicated shadows.

Can the two of them come to grips with their feelings for each other before the killer closes in on them?

KCD - sale (3).png


A Good Girl

For Charlie McClung, going home to Virginia with Marian was supposed to be a joyous occasion, but upon arrival at his childhood home, he’s met with a note instead of his family.

“Don’t worry, Love, we’re all okay. Come to the shop. A dead girl was found in an armoire delivered just now. Huggies, Ma”

Charlie is quickly recruited to help solve the murder of a young girl who was on the path to becoming a nun. The suspects begin to mount as Charlie delves deep into the girl’s life, revealing a sordid and ugly side of the town’s good girl.

KCD - sale (2).png


Criminal Kind

It’s the perfect setting for a romantic getaway at sea: Caribbean breezes, clear blue skies, passionate nights, and murder? Not exactly what Detective Charlie McClung and Marian had in mind for their honeymoon. When one of their fellow passengers is murdered on her 35th wedding anniversary, Charlie and Marian get pulled into the investigation. Who would want to kill poor Tammy Ferguson in such a brutal way? As Charlie uncovers more sordid details about Tammy and her husband, Peter, it becomes clear that someone else has found the same skeletons in the Ferguson’s closet and Tammy has paid the price. Is Peter next?

Trapped on the ship with an insidious killer, shadows seem more ominous and even the most innocent faces seem sinister. Has Charlie inadvertently put Marian in harm’s way? How long does Charlie have before the hunter becomes the hunted?


Brilliant Disguise Teaser

A Good Girl Candle

Criminal Kind Teaser 2

about the author

Mary Anne Edwards is the author of The Charlie McClung Mysteries.  These are traditional murder mysteries (with a touch of romance) set in Georgia during the early 1980s.  She is a wife, a writer, and an advocate of the developmentally disabled.  Mary Anne was born in Mercedes, Texas. She now lives in Georgia with her husband of 35 years and her Tuxedo cat, Gertrude . Mary Anne loves her readers and enjoys hearing from them.

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Teaser Tuesday!

It’s that time again — Teaser Tuesday!! Today’s feature is an excerpt from Isabella Louise Anderson’s contemporary romance The Right Design. For a limited time you can get a copy for just $0.99!!

The Right Design_banner

Just $0.99 cents on Amazon


Her mouth was dry and she was hot, and it wasn’t the humidity making her that way either. Her guard was down and she knew it, too. She knew it was probably safer to go home, but she heard herself say, “Okay.” She took few steps past him into the house and went into the kitchen, Brad following behind her.

Brad filled a highball glass from the cabinet with purified water. When he held the glass out to her, their hands touched.

Quickly, she downed the water, but it wasn’t water she was thirsty for, and she didn’t know how much longer she could hold out. Electricity surged throughout her body and his touch made her come alive. Carrie wanted Brad Larson like she wanted air in her lungs. “I have to go,” she said, placing the glass down on the counter. She walked toward safety and freedom, but when she heard Brad’s footsteps quicken behind her, she knew she was still on dangerous ground. She was three steps away from the door, but something made her pause and turn around. When she did, Brad stood only a few inches away from her. “Brad…” She searched for the words, but nothing came to her.

Before Carrie knew what was happening, Brad’s lips were on hers, catching her off-guard once again, with his arms wrapped around her waist. Carrie placed her hands on his chest, trying to deny his kiss and push him away, but to no avail. Finally, Carrie succumbed to her desires and wrapped her arms around his neck, falling into him. As their tongues combined, she tasted red wine on his lips, and the woodsy scent of his cologne made her head spin. Breathless, Brad pulled away and stared down at her.

Carrie looked up at him, herself also out of breath. A whirlwind of emotions ran through her, ranging from being tempted by desire and disapproval of her actions. “Brad…” she began, breaking the silence, but nothing else came to her.

“Do you want to go upstairs?” he whispered, before kissing her again.

She put aside her moral code and went with what she felt in her heart. She slowly nodded. “Yes.”

He looked at her with hesitation. “Are you sure?” he asked, giving her one last chance to stand her ground.

“I’ve never been more sure about anything in my life,” she said, and let Brad take her hand and lead them to his bedroom.

Reaching the entryway to his bedroom, Carrie’s desire for him grew, and she took control. She guided them toward the bed, her lips never leaving his, and gently pushed him down. Standing in front of him, with his legs on each side of her, she held his handsome face between her hands and felt his hardness press into her stomach. As they stared at one another, she unbuttoned his shirt and tossed it on the floor. She held him close and hungrily kissed his neck, leaving a trail to his shoulders.

When his hands started to trace the sensitive flesh on her arms, chills soared throughout her body. She yearned to have him. His gentle hands rested on her shoulders, giving them a soft and slow caress.

He stood up and pushed her onto the bed. Brad reached around her and unzipped the back of her dress, letting it fall to her waist, and sat down beside her. He reached for her, and together, they lay side by side, as he held her in a close embrace.

TRD promo

Get your copy on Amazon


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The Right Design – 99 cent sale!

***The 99 cent sale***

The Right Design_banner.png

Get it while it’s just 99 pennies!! For a limited time, you can get your copy of The Right Design for just 99 cents from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


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Interior designer Carrie Newman could not have envisioned a more perfect life for herself. She had a great job doing what she loved, wonderful friends, and a close relationship with her sister and brother-in-law. Add in an amazing man who she’d hoped would soon become her husband, and her life was perfect. Until one devastating decision ruins her relationship and changes the course of her life.

Determined to make a new start, Carrie leaves Texas and heads to Palm Beach to pick up the pieces of her shattered and broken life. The last thing she expects is to find herself attracted to her first client at her new job—Brad Larson, who has proven himself time and time again to be cad.

But there’s something beneath the surface of Brad’s arrogant exterior that keeps her craving more of him—something almost sweet that Carrie can’t seem to resist.

Is Carrie ready to take another chance on romance? And will this new design of her life prove to be the right one…?

Buy on Amazon

TRD promo (1).png


“Carrie Newman?” he asked in an über-sexy Australian accent. Her toes curled at the sound of his voice. He reached out his hand and said, “I’m Oliver. Jane sent me over to help you unpack your boxes.”

Whether it was the Florida sun or the handsome man who stood in front of her that hit her like a heat wave, she blinked a few times more, and shook his masculine hand. “Thank you for coming, but I can manage. There are only a few of them anyway.” She pointed to her tightly packed car.

“I don’t mind.” Oliver smiled and clasped his hands, his voice sounding eager and more than ready to help.

I certainly could use your help in more ways than one, she thought to herself, calculating that it had been quite a while since she’d last had sex, which was way too long in her opinion. Shaking naughty thoughts away, Carrie regained her composure. “Thank you. I’d certainly appreciate your assistance.” She turned toward her car and pressed the unlock button, and then he took the lead. Between telling him which room to put the boxes in and passing one another between entranceways, Carrie tried to ignore Oliver’s flirtatious smile and the dimples indented in his cheeks. Finally, they unpacked the last two boxes from the car, leading them to meet in the kitchen.

“Is there anything else I can help you with?”

“No, but thank you for coming.” She observed sweat beading the sides of his forehead. “Can I get you some water? I think I have another bottle in the cooler.” She pointed to the cooler Sara had packed for her.

He wiped the sweat off with his forearm. “No, I’m okay. Thanks, though.”

“Okay.” She looked around her kitchen and awkward silence filled the room.

“Would you like to come to Nick & Johnnie’s tonight? I’m working as a bartender there, and I’d love to buy you a drink.”

Carrie blushed and bowed her head. “I’d love to, but I’m kind of tired,” she lied as his face turned somber. “But maybe soon,” she added, giving him a polite grin.

Oliver beamed. “Wonderful! I look forward to seeing you again.” With one last glance in her direction, he reached into his wallet, pulled out a card, and handed it to her. “Call me if you need anything else. I work full time for Moving Waves, but call anytime—even if you need a handyman—I do it all.”

She wanted to say, “I’m sure you do,” but kept quiet. Shaking her head once again at the dirty thoughts that swam back into her mind, she took his card and smiled at him. “You’ll be hearing from me if I need anything.” She followed him out the door and watched him get into the truck.

“Goodbye,” he said after rolling down the window.

“Bye,” Carrie said quietly as she waved her hand in the warm air.

about the author.png

Isabella Louise Anderson grew up with a book in her hand, and to this day nothing has changed. She is a member of the Romance Writers of America and has been featured on several blogs. Isabella lives in Dallas with her husband.

Her short story, Meet Me Under the Mistletoe, was featured in Simon & Fig’s Christmas anthology, Merry & Bright, in November 2013. The Right Design is her first novel.

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FREE for Limited Time – Calm Like Home

*FREE* *Limited Time* *FREE*

FREE copy 2.png

Get it while it’s FREE!! From May 16-20, Calm Like Home is FREE on Amazon.

Calm Like Home - Kaisa Clark.jpg

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Alexa Clausen has never fallen. She’s never soared. She’s lived her entire life floating midway between passion and despondency, never experiencing those extremes. But all it takes is one evening with Adam Westbrook to draw her out of her shell, to leave her feeling bold for the first time ever. He is fiery and magnetic. He is gravitational, that inescapable pull no one can avoid. After a few chance encounters, Alexa finally accepts that she can’t stay away, can’t deny the electricity she feels every time he comes around.

But as the intensity between them deepens, she also can’t avoid the subtle hints that Adam is hiding something. His wide smile and radiant eyes obscure some burning secret, some detail of his past that resurfaces to steal his joy. The farther Alexa falls, the more she realizes just how little she really knows about Adam and how far he is willing to go to cover up the truth.

Calm Like Home is a story about love and longing, growth and stagnation, discovering one’s counterpart but losing oneself, and ultimately finding that one person truly has the power to change everything.

Buy on Amazon

Freebie (1).png


COALESCE 080514.png

BECKONS 111114.jpg

UPSTAIRS 081214.png

about the author.png

Kaisa Clark is the author of the new adult novel Calm Like Home. She is passionate about reading and writing and also has an intense love for music, coffee, and dark chocolate. She lives with her amazing husband and daughter, along with their sweet dog and kooky cat.

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Teaser Tuesday!

Teaser Tuesday means we get a little peek into The Strength of Love – which is currently ON SALE for only $0.99 on Amazon.

SOL - 99c

More teams compete, until finally team ten enters the starting box.

“This is them, Rachel. Oh, my gosh, aren’t they smokin’?”

Rachel’s eyes shoot in the direction of the commanding man sitting tall in the saddle. His jet-black hair curls slightly against the collar of his royal blue western-style shirt. The short sleeves are rolled to fit snugly against his massive, bulging biceps. It’s obvious where he spends his free time, from the fine-tuned muscles and the dark tan encompassing his fit frame. Oh my, she mumbles as he sits his buck-colored hat firmly on his head. He secures his boots in his stirrups. His long fingers toy with the coiled rope. Sam acknowledges him with a nod and the steer is released. They’re off. Like bullets the three of them skillfully dart one after another. The steer runs for its’ life as Sam’s rope lunges into action. He twirls his lasso with the style and grace of a ballerina demonstrating pirouettes. As if he has mind reading skills, Brooks instinctively releases his rope. The twisted twine skims perfectly under the steer’s hooves and is brilliantly tightened to prevent the two hundred plus pound animal from moving forward. The two riders face each other backing their horses until the steer is air born. Everything is magically timed and over-the-top exhilarating. The ladies are on their feet screaming as the announcer exclaims team number ten has the best time of eight and a half seconds, with only one more team left to compete.

Sam waves his hat at Courtney who shouts and blows him a kiss. Brooks’ eyes dart toward the high-pitched squeal. Even from the distance, Rachel notices the brilliant blue eyes aimed her direction. Her chest heaves as though she ran a half-marathon. She catches her breath and continues applauding the skilled ride. How could a sporting event be so exhilarating and sexually satisfying? Brooks tips his hat toward her, with a crooked grin, and follows Sam to the exit.

With bated breath, Rachel and Courtney watch the next ride. The team is quite skilled, but can’t beat team ten’s ride. The guys are victorious. All eleven teams enter the arena. Team ten smiles proudly as they are awarded their trophy and belt buckles. Sam hurdles the wall and makes his way into Courtney’s welcoming arms. Brooks laughs at his exuberant teammate and hollers for him to get his ass back to the stables. Once again the announcer broadcasts congratulations to team ten the new Smith County team-roping champions. Rachel enjoys the view of the faded jean clad butts exiting the arena. She’s savoring one fine set of firm ass cheeks when the beholder glances back over his shoulder catching her in the act. He winks. She blushes, prior to catching her breath and smiling. Brooks relishes catching her in the act. He turns and tosses an arm over his partner’s shoulders. Sam lifts the trophy into the air. They turn the corner and disappear. Courtney proudly exclaims, “Team ten wins!”

Rachel smiles and says, “A ten—yes, he definitely is a ten.