Author Interview with Quinn Loftis

Today on the blog we are featuring Quinn Loftis, author of the USA Today Bestseller Fate and Fury.

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To start things off, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background as an author?

Sure! I’m 36, been married for…let’s see. It will be 17 years this December. We have 3 amazing boys. A 9yr old, 2yr old and 13 month old.

I was a nurse before I published my first book and although I enjoyed nursing. I didn’t want to do it for the rest of my life.

When I learned about e-publishing and realized that the possibility of actually publishing a novel could be reality I decided to give it a go. I’d always wanted to be an author for as long as I can remember but never thought I was good enough. I don’t handle rejection well so I never submitted my work to any agents or publishers. I wrote Prince of Wolves, published it expecting to sell a few copies to my friends and family. Never expected it to take off. The rest, as they say, is history.


You now have 18 published books on Amazon. Congratulations! As your list of publications has grown, how have you pushed yourself to keep your writing fresh and new?

I’m constantly looking for new plot lines and new characters to bring into the plot to add depth. I love interesting characters with curves and sharp edges. I love getting in their heads. I listen to my readers when they give me ideas or their opinion and hopefully I’m giving them a little if not more of what they want.


What have you learned during the publication process? What has been your biggest challenge?   

It never goes smoothly, no matter how you try to iron out the kinks, or get everything just right. There will always be a bump in the road and believe me I have had some MAJOR bumps. I try not to flip out when the bumps come but I don’t always succeed. My biggest challenge is formatting. I hate formatting. There I said it. Acknowledging you have a problem if taking the first step to recovery, right? Well I have a major problem with formatting…it seems to hate me too.


How would you describe your writing style? What makes your work stand out?

I’m very character driven. I thrive and my writing thrives on relationships. I have over 110 characters in my Grey Wolves Series, and counting. I like to see the dynamics between relationships not just love interests, but best friends and parents and children and leader and follower. All the good bad and the ugly that make relationships work. I wrap those up into a story and hope that people can relate to the characters even if they can’t relate to the story. I think that is what makes my work stand out. My characters are dominant in the story. I have a TON of dialogue almost on every single page. I think readers have grown to really know my characters and feel like they know them.


What’s next for your writing career? What are you working on now?

I’m working on the first book in a Viking Series that I signed on to do with Clean Teen Publishing. Very excited about it as it’s not like anything I’ve written so far.


You mention in your bio that you love to read. What’s one five-star book you recommend to everyone?

A Wrinkle in Time


How do you balance your writing career with the demands of being a mom?

It’s hard. I find that there are times when I feel guilty for writing because I haven’t spent time with my boys and yet I have deadlines that have to be met. Sometimes it’s a matter of writing when I can. That might mean late at night or on a Sunday afternoon. I try to do it all on weekday mornings until 2ish, but that doesn’t always happen. I love being an author, but I’m a wife and a mother first. There are times when I’ve just had to close the lap top and say no, you aren’t more important than my family. The books will always be there, my kids won’t. One day they will be grown and moving on to their own careers, homes, spouses and children. I don’t want to miss out on what is going on NOW. Because I can’t get it back.


Where can readers find out more about you or your work? On which sites are you most active?

Twitter: @AuthQuinnLoftis

Facebook: Quinn Loftis Books

Instagram: Quinn Loftis Books

Pinterest: Quinn Loftis Books

Most active on FB and Twitter. Trying to do better on Instagram.


Is there anything I haven’t asked you yet that you would like to share with the Book Buddy readers?

Top 5:

Favorite candy: Peanut butter M&M’s

Favorite food: Chinese (Fried rise with sesame chicken)

Favorite dessert: Ice cream

Favorite Color: Lime green

Favorite Season: Fall and Winter tie.


Thank you so much for joining in on the Author Interview Series!!

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