Author Interview with J.A. Low

Today on the blog we are catching up with J.A. Low, author of the Dirty Texas series.

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To start things off, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background as an author?

I live near the beach in Australia, with my wonderful husband and two little boys. I have always written and come from a family of writers, poets, creatives. I used to write screen plays for my friends and we would act them out and tape it on cassette. I was lucky enough that my script was picked up for my year 12 drama production. My teachers liked to tell me I wasn’t good enough so I kind of gave up on my writing dream after school. I headed into the travel industry and spent most of my life traveling the world, until I became pregnant with my first son and the writing bug hit me again and I couldn’t stop.


I love the cover for Suddenly Dirty! Who does your cover art?

My super talented friend Jemina from Booknerdfangirl, she is brilliant at being able to take what is in my head and bring it to life.


One of the reviewers for Suddenly Dirty wrote: “From the first page I was captivated and didn’t come up for air until the final word was written and the pages stopped turning.” How did you come up with the idea for the first book in the series?

I have been working on this idea for years but in many various different versions, but this version with rock stars would have been about 18 months ago. The story just popped into my head one day, I’m just not sure how it happened.


Suddenly Dirty is the first book in the Dirty Texas series. What can readers expect next?

They can expect lots of love, laughing and craziness from Derrick. I have so much planned for the Dirty Texas series as well as the spin off series for the Sons of Brooklyn, The Paradise Club and the California Bros. guys.


In your Goodreads bio you mention being a wife and mother. How do you balance being an author with your responsibilities at home?

I am still trying to find that balance, lucky my husband is amazing and even though my kids are little they understand if Mummy is on a deadline. My oldest is six and everyday he jumps out of the car to go to school and he wishes me luck with my book and hopes I have a great day. I want to show them that they can always follow their dreams.


Being an author can be tough work. What have you learned in the time since you published your first book?  What advice would you give someone just starting out?

My advice to people starting out is research, research, research and talk and become friendly with as many authors as you can, join new author groups or associations because being an author is a very lonely place sometimes as it’s just you trying to figure it all out. Most authors in the community are more than happy to help answer any questions, we love to pay it forward. I would also suggest reading heaps, I still find time to read because it helps me learn how to write better.

What I have learnt since publishing is to have thick skin and to just keep my head down and write, because social media is a very big distraction. (I still fail at this)


What have you read lately that really wowed you? What’s coming up next on your TBR?

Bossman by Vi Keeland, I loved this so very much it was an easy read and I had a smile on my face the whole time.

What I am looking forward to is more from Vi Keeland, the last installment of the Royals by Erin watt, Neighbours by Stylo Fontome, Max Monroe the rest of the Billionaire series, anything Tessa Bailey. I am trying to think who else is on my list I am waiting for…. I am a one click addict.


Where can readers find out more about you or your work? On which sites are you most active?

You can find me on FB: or you can join my fan group where I am most active which is

I post a lot on Instagram as well.


Any parting words for our readers?

Take a chance one a new author they might surprise you.


Thank you so much for joining in on the Author Interview Series!!

Thanks for having me!!!

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