Teaser Tuesday – Crosswind Excerpt

Crosswind by G.L. Ross releases TODAY!!


Derek erupts from the water shaking his head, tossing water everywhere. My jaw drops to my chest. “Man, the water’s awesome. You should join me, Goddess. It’s great. You probably need to cool off, too.” He smiles. “You’re turning kind of red.” Then he winks. Winks? Does he know I’ve been drooling over every hard inch of him? Please tell me he can’t read my thoughts. Crap, I can’t ever take off my shades or he’ll know everything from my dilating, bugging eyes.

“Did you call me Goddess?” I frown.

“Yep,” he says, climbing on top of a full length float. Put that body back under the water.

Really, Lisa, do you really want it hidden from your view? Be honest.

“Isn’t that what Lance calls you?”

“Yes, but that’s his nickname for me, not something anyone else uses.”

“Why not? Does it offend you, Lisa, Goddess Divine?” He smirks, with a twinkle in his eye, before sliding on his aviator sun glasses, hiding his baby blues from my view.

“Goddess Divine definitely offends me, smart ass,” I sass.

He laughs. “Smart ass? Love it.” His hand scoops water and splashes it across the length of his firm frame.

“You would,” I say, rolling my eyes. “You, flyboys, all have huge egos.”

“Flyboys. Hmm, well, we definitely have huge somethings.” He smiles. “I can’t see your eyes, but from the arch of your brow above your glasses, you’re rolling your eyes at me.”

“You don’t miss a trick. Do you?” I sass, while misting my body with suntan oil.

His voice lowers and grows thick with desire, “Not when it comes to you, Goddess Divine.”

Okay, seriously, I think he’s hitting on me. If I could see his eyes I would know…for sure.

Unable to find the right words, I watch him paddle his float to the edge of the pool, grab his tanning oil, and oh dear me rub oil across his chest, to his abs, and down his sexy path of happiness, which OMG is bulging. His glasses slide slowly down the bridge of his nose where I find piercing blue eyes devouring my breasts. Unconsciously, my hand runs across my perspiring chest. His eyes grow darker and larger, along with other delectable areas of his body. I move my hands to my stomach and I’ll be damned his eyes follow them. His intense gaze moves further south until my right knee unwittingly drops open revealing the wet spot on my swimsuit bottom. His tongue slowly licks across the entire length of his bottom lip. I quickly reach for my iced tea. Cool off, Lisa! My chest heaves. My breath catches. My crotch aches. I reposition my thrusting hips. Derek reaches inside his trunks, never removing his eyes from my thighs, and resituates his now full length hard on. Brother dear is a whole lot of trouble—T-R-O-U-B-L-E—and needs to return to San Antonio and maybe even the Middle East…soon! In fact, now!

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