Interview with NYT Bestselling Author Eve Langlais!

Today on the blog we have romance author Eve Langlais. Her second book Gators Challenge released June 1, 2016!

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To start things off, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background as an author?

I am a Canadian wife and mother who began writing in her mid thirties because my husband dared me. I was finding myself very unsatisfied with some stories and he told me to write my own if I thought I could do better. I accepted his challenge! lol. Once I started, I couldn’t stop, and now more than 80 books later I thank him daily for having set me on this wonderful path.

How did your writing process change when you were writing Gator’s Challenge as compared to Reader Abduction? What aspects were easier? More challenging?

Each series has its own joys and challenges. With Gator’s Challenge, I had an over reaching storyline that spanned all the books in the Bitten Point series. In the final story I had to ensure that a resolution to all the threads happened as well as give the couple their happily ever after. Given the dark subject matter it became tricky to keep the lightness and humor that I’m known for. In direct contrast, writing Reader Abduction was a breeze. In that series it’s all about the comedy and over the top heroes from outer space. I find writing in my Alien Abduction world is a refreshing palate cleanser in between projects that might have darker subject matter.

What’s next for you afterGator’s Challenge releases?

Since I write hardcore Monday to Friday, I pretty much have a release a month. Some notable upcoming releases would be the new Lion’s Pride book coming in July, When A Lioness Snarls. I am personally very giddy about a new sci-fi epic adventure I’ve got releasing in August. The Space Gypsy Chronicles starts with Pirate. I’m working on the third book in that series currently. And then in September, my second anthology with St Martin’s Press releases. WILD is a massive book with 3 shapeshifter stories to tempt the paranormal lovers out there.

Your blog mentions that you are also a stay at home mom. What are your strategies for making time to write when you have the demands of being a wife and mother?

It’s easier now that all three kids are in school full time, but even with them around, I have learned to ignore the distractions and get the writing done.  With years of training, my children have gotten pretty good about ensuring mommy has her quiet time to work. And when they’re not so quiet and the words can’t flow then I chalk it up to real life.

Your blog also mentions “I’m writing romance, my way.” What makes your books different? How do you stand out as an author?

 I’m writing the stories the way the character wants them told. Sometimes that means heroines that aren’t perfect. They might be a little bitchy, or snarky and very rarely are they virgins. As for my heroes, they’re men’s men who like to cuss, and sometimes do things that aren’t quite heroic. I like their imperfections, which is why you’ll often find me playing with the bad guys. In my world, everyone should have a happily ever after. Another difference is I enjoy the challenge of making the non-sexy, sexy. LOL . A certain ornery moose and a snake shifter with a little Chihuahua come to mind. And then there’s Lucifer, the bad ass demon readers can’t help but love.

What is one thing you wish readers knew about you or your work?

I’m a generally good humored, if potty mouthed person. I try to let that side of me shine in my work. I’m also intensely private about my work in progress. I only in the last year started running drafts by a beta reader of mine. I find it difficult to share while it’s in progress because I hate all my stories as I’m writing them lol. But then, once it’s all over and I send it to my editors, by the time it comes back to me, I’m in a better place with it.

You mention loving to read (don’t we all!!) – what’s been a five-star read for you lately? Who are your go-to authors you love to read?

I love, love, LOVE Darynda Jones and her Grave series. The world building and vivid character of the heroine never fail to enthrall me.

Where can readers find out more about you or your books? On which sites are you most active?

My website is the best place to see a full listing of my books and to also read excerpts/see covers (

 If you want to chat with me, then I am very active on Facebook at

Any parting words for our readers?

Happy reading. May you snort your beverage out because the humor is so awesome.

Thank you so much for joining in on the Author Interview Series!!

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