Interview with Author J. Haney

Today on the blog we are featuring J. Haney, author of An Unexpected Love, which is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and more.

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To start things off, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background as an author?

Haney: I was born and raised in Kentucky. I reside in Greenup County, Kentucky with my family. My debut novel, An Unexpected Love, released August 2015. I’m a single momma to my eight-year-old daughter, Jessalyn Kristine. I also take care and homeschool my autistic cousin, Aiden Sean, he’s nine years old. I love photography and seeing what I can capture through the lens! I just started plus size modeling and have been 5 or 6 pattern covers now. Both kids model as well, I suppose you can call us “One Big Modeling Family.” I’m probably the biggest book whore, I know. I love books of all genres and get excited when I’m introduced to a new author. I’m often told I act like a kid in the candy shop, which I could totally see!

A few fun facts about me:

  1. Jessalyn & Aiden have to be my two most favorite people in the world!
  2. I’m probably the biggest book whore there is!
  3. I love music of any kind, but better yet, I love singing!
  4. I hate cold/wet weather!
  5. I wear at least 4 different colors at once!
  6. I have the most awesome group of friends a gal can have. Jamie, Lisa, Chris, Patricia, Heather, April, Shannon, Teresa and last but certainly not least Annelle! Love you ladies!!
  7. I would love to one-day meet Alice Clayton, Christina Lauren, Kendall Ryan, Jamie McGuire, Addison Kine and so many others.
  8. I’m completely addicted to tattoos and piercings!
  9. I’m very random, and will say crazy stuff out of nowhere.
  10. I can tell you every word from beginning to end of Wallbanger by Alice Clayton and One Night Series by A.M. Willard.


Your Facebook page mentions An Unexpected Love has a new cover. Why did you decide to update it?

Haney: I had been thinking about updating it for a while. I was picked up by Booktrope last August and they were supposed to re-release An Unexpected Love. Once they said they were closing their doors I got with a couple friends of mine, S.I. Hayes and Ashley Byland, and together we came up with something so much more amazing. I have to say I love this cover so much I’m honestly doubting I will find one I like better.

You mention in your bio that you love photography. Did you use one of your photos for the new cover of An Unexpected Love?

Haney: I wish, but no. At least not for this one. I’m hoping to be able to use my own photography on some covers, soon! I mostly shoot friends and kids that are modeling for Proud Momma Designs which is the boutique I run with my mother.

An Unexpected Love has a very interesting storyline. How did you come up with this idea? What made you want to get this book down on paper?

Haney: Honestly I’ve always had stories in my head and one day I just finally opened word and started typing. 10,000 words later I had the first part of Caleb and Kyler’s story.


How is An Unexpected Love different from other romance novels? What makes it stand out?

Haney: Lord this is a hard one… I love romance novels but let’s be honest just about all of them are the same right? Kyler is a single mom to twins and has been on her own since she was 16. The girl has gone through hell and back in 10 years. Lord only knew when Caleb walked into her life he was never walking out. I think Caleb was in love with her from first sight. Kyler doesn’t need Caleb but was glad to finally have help. I hope that makes sense. Sorry for rambling.

Being an author can be tough work. What pushes you to keep writing?

Haney: I suppose it could be tough work but I do it because I love books and of course lets me get all these stories out of my head. LOL

Any plans for a second book? What are you working on now?

Haney: Actually there is a second book. It’s about Caleb’s brother Liam life. Liam is so much different them Caleb and my god is he crass! He has no filter and is absolutely driving me up the wall. I also working on couple other things but I am keeping them to myself for now.


What have you read lately that knocked your socks off? What’s coming up next on your TBR?

Haney: Unseen Messages by Pepper Winters was AMAZING!!! I’ve also been listening to Chelle Bliss’s Men of Inked Series and I have to say it’s pretty freaking awesome as well. As for my TBR whatever catches my eye. If someone has a recommendation shoot me a message!

Where can readers find out more about you or An Unexpected Love? On which sites are you most active?

Haney: I’m always on Facebook and trying to get into Twitter more than just Monday’s and Tuesday nights when I watch the voice. LOL! Readers can join my street team J’s Lovelies and every so often people make the move to my beta group.

Here’s my links just give me a stalk you never know when I may message you out of the blue with a surprise 😉

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Any parting words for our readers?

Haney: Keep Stalking! You never know when my next book will be released because hey, neither do I! Thanks so much for all your support it’s amazing that I’ve made it this far and I’m so glad to know people have liked An Unexpected Love. Also remember if you have read it make sure and post a review. Bye Babes! XOXOXO

Thank you so much for joining in on the Author Interview Series!!

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