Teaser Tuesday – Excerpt

This week’s Teaser Tuesday brings you an excerpt from Bree Barcellona’s debut novel Singing with a Billionaire.


“Come here.” Reece took my hand, pulling me up until I was standing in between his straddled legs. “Take your shoes off.” He ordered with a heated glare as I quickly kicked off my flats.

“Now this.” He said slipping his fingertip under the hem of my shirt. I reached down pulling my shirt over my head, not questioning what he was having me do, just following his orders.

“Unbutton your jeans.” He told me keeping his eyes locked on mine. “Pull them down but don’t take them off.” I didn’t hesitate, only continuing to do as told. “Now turn around.”

“Why?” I finally questioned.

“Just do it, Taylor.” He demanded taking hold of my hips and turning me around. “Bend over and pull them off.” I bent over, sliding my jeans the rest of the way off as I felt the pad of his thumbrun right over my pantie covered ass and they instantly became soaked.

“Come here.” He pulled me onto his lap so I was straddling him, now in just my bra and panties.

“You know I never got to take this ass.” He smirked, grabbing a handful of each one of my ass cheeks and my body began to uncontrollably grind against him. Within seconds of rubbing my pussy against the bulge in his jeans, my panties went from just being soaked to me feeling my own juices leaking down my leg.

“I know.” I responded and just talking about it had me aching more for my release.

“Have you thought about it?” He stared me down.

“Yes.” I breathed out, still rubbing myself against him.

“A lot?”

“Yes.” I pushed myself harder down onto his crutch, needing some relief for my aching pussy.

“Do you have lube?” He asked me and I shook my head “yes”.

“I bought it a while ago but brought it with me just in case.” I told him after finally finding my voice.

“Well it’s a good thing you did.” He stood up, cupping my ass as I wrapped my legs around his waist. He walked us straight to back of the plane, where the small bedroom was located. Once inside, he wasted no time tossing me on the bed then covering my body with his and crashing his lips into mine.

For more from Bree — check out her Author Interview and be sure to stop by her page.

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