Author Interview with Ella Miles and FREE book!

Today on the blog we have romance author Ella Miles. Her latest book Maybe Never just released May 26, 2016!

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To start things off, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background as an author?

I write sexy romance with a twist. I live in Colorado with my husband and three-year-old black lab. I have been an avid reader since as long as I can remember. The first book I remember falling in love with as a child was Ella Enchanted, which became part of my inspiration for the first part of my pen name. The second half is for my husband who is my tech support, beta reader, and biggest supporter.

I deciding to give writing a chance about a year ago and have fallen in love with writing. I have two series out: ALIGNED and MAYBE romance series.

In addition to Maybe Never, you have another book releasing in June. How do you stay motivated? Has the writing process gotten easier over time?

Deadlines are really helpful in keeping me motivated so I make sure to always have a deadline. I also find that my readers are what motivate me the most especially after I have started a series. Whenever I’m lacking motivation I re-read emails or social media posts from readers that are waiting anxiously for my next book. That’s the best motivation to keep writing.

Writing for me has gotten harder recently just due to the amount of traveling my husband and I have been doing lately and trying to find a way to balance traveling and making time for writing, but I’m slowly learning how to balance it better.


Your blog describes your books as sexy romance with a twist. What makes your writing stand out? Why are your books different?

I love writing stories that have an interesting twist that readers don’t always see coming. I write fast paced novels with lots of naughty parts. I also make sure there is plenty of emotion and relatable characters in my books. I want to make my readers feel something when they read my books. If I don’t make them feel for my characters then I don’t feel like I have done my job.

Do you have any plans for writing a third series?

I do have plans to write a third series that I hope to have out fall of 2016. I’m currently in the planning stages of that series but it will most likely be another romantic suspense full of twists and cliffhangers. I also have a standalone series planned that I am hoping book one in that series will also be ready this coming fall.

What has been one thing that has contributed to your success as an author?

My husband is who has contributed most to my success. He has done everything from my website, to beta reading, to helping me format, mail out giveaway books, cried with me when I get a bad review, and supported me when a release does well. Without him I would have never had the guts to try writing.

What is something you wish readers knew about you or your work?

I’m a horrible procrastinator. It’s something I’m working on getting better at but it has led to a lot of late nights drinking Dr. Pepper to get me through a deadline. However, I’m trying to stop my procrastination and Dr. Pepper habit by switching to tea and writing more consistently each day. Hoping to break the bad habits soon.

MN Amazon.jpg

Who are your favorite authors? Do you draw inspiration from others’ work?

My favorite authors are Colleen Hoover, JA Huss, Laurelin Paige, Meghan March, and Pepper Winters. I love all of them! I just need to find more time in the day so that I can read all of them more. I do find that the more I read the more inspiration I have for my stories.

Where can readers find out more about you or your books? On which sites are you most active?

Readers can find out more about my books at my website:







Any parting words for our readers?

Thank you so much for supporting authors like me! I really appreciate all of the readers that have given my books a chance as a new author. I wouldn’t have made it this far without you! I also love giving away free books and would love to give you a free book of mine at my website:

Thank you so much for joining in on the Author Interview Series!!


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