Interview with author Gen Ryan

Today on the blog we are featuring Gen Ryan, author of Beautiful Masterpiece, book one in the Thin Red Lines seriesIf you are in Connecticut, stop by her book signing TODAY!!

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To start things off, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background as an author?

Well, I am a mother to a wonderful 9 year-old -girl. I’ve been married to my high school sweet heart for 10 years this April. I have my Masters Degree in Forensic Psychology and Legal Studies and work FT as a College Professor. I am also working on my Dissertation for my PhD. As you can see, I love to keep busy!

As an author, this all happened by accident. I started writing my first novel during my classes for my PhD. I needed an outlet and always loved writing, so took my idea and ran with it. I let a friend read it and she loved it and pushed me to share it. So, I self-published Beautiful Masterpiece for less than a month before I was offered a few contracts for the series. I decided to go with Hot Tree Publishing because the ladies are awesome and I felt we would work well together. It has been one of my best decisions to date. I couldn’t have asked for a better support in everyone there and continued encouragement.

You have a book signing event today June 4, 2016 in Mashantucket, CT. Congratulations! How did you get involved in this event? Can you tell us any more about it?

I saw that is was a local signing (only about an hour and some change from me) and decided to see if they wanted me 🙂 I’m super excited to be going and getting the word out about the Thin Red Lines Series and other projects I’m working on.


You mention on your blog you teach psychology by day. How do you balance your writing career, your academic career, and your home life? Do you have any tips for readers who may find themselves in a similar position?

It’s tough. I’m not going to lie. My daughter is a little older so that helps and she is super supportive. So is my husband. He won’t read my stuff but he is encouraging (haha). I also have a wonderful mother who helps me out when I need a breather to just to write, study or grade papers. I seriously couldn’t do it all without her.

Another thing is I get plenty of sleep. I know that seems crazy with my schedule but I don’t often stay up late. I find I work best in the early am so I go to bed at a decent time and wake up earlier when the rest of my house is asleep.

What’s next for your writing career? What are you working on now?

I want to write everything. LOL. Seriously, I initially thought this was a passing hobby but as I get deeper into the dynamics of writing, learn my craft, it has become my passion and I’d love to write full time and teach only a class or two on the side.

I am currently editing the second book in the Thin Red Lines Series, Beautiful Sacrifice. It is Avery’s story. I am also writing two novels at the same time. Skin Deep, which is set in the 1950’s and deals with racism and As I am, a more contemporary romance. All of my stories have romance but deal with real issues, usually psychological in nature. I also have another project but I can’t say anything yet. Pretty much I’m a writing machine!

What will you do differently when publishing your next book? What worked well the first time?

I’m giving myself more time. The first time I was so excited I worked on the edits immediately and didn’t give myself a break. It was exhausting. This time, I got a time line from the editor and am allowing myself that time. It helps my creative juices flow and me to balance everyday life.


You mention in your bio loving to read paranormal romance and romantic thrillers. Any favorites you’d like to share with us?

I do love paranormal romances and books with lots of angst. I’m a sucker for a broken soul and bad boys. I guess it’s the psychologist in me, I want to fix everyone. I loved the Sookie Stackhouse series (I mean hello? Who doesn’t love werewolves and vampires?) I also love Colleen Hoover. She is actually one of the only signed authors I have on my book shelf!

Where can readers find out more about you or your work? On which sites are you most active?

I am most active on Twitter and Facebook! I post as often as I can.

Are there any questions I haven’t asked you yet that you’d like to share with the Book Buddy readers?

You asked some excellent questions. J But I have to give a shot out to my dog Chewbacca. I post pictures of him a lot because he follows me around and is my writing buddy.

Aww!!! Thank you so much for joining in on the Author Interview Series!!

Thanks for having me! xo



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